SPRING BREAK!!! Something I’d only heard about on tv and in movies (like everything else I’ve experienced here). It was quite special – and the reason being a visit from home. 

My dad and Helen came to visit us for the week, and as usual, it was almost fully scheduled. When we picked them up at the airport I was literally jumping I was so excited. They were mostly nervous, as they were renting a car and had to deal with LA traffic! We only came close to dying once, so it was pretty successful if you ask me haha! 

The first day was the calmest one – we had a barbeque and just chilled at home. 

DAY 2 – Sunday

Sunday we started the day going to church. Being non religious, their church is always a unique experience, so that was cool to show my Norwegian family.

After church we headed to have lunch at the Olive Garden where Hal and Cindy had their first date – because it was Cindy’s birthday! My Norwegian family got to meet some of my American family, it was great. 

Before heading to the Ducks-Rangers game (hockey ofc) we went to kill some time at Downtown Disney! 

And then it was time for the hockey game!! 

We (Ducks) won!! My dad rooted for the Rangers because they have the best Norwegian hockey player – Zuccarello. I went there in my friends jersey, and left with my own!! (Tusen takk pappa <3) I had to get one of the Swedish players, so I ended up with Rakell as he his name was actually short enough to fit a woman’s jersey haha – and the moment I pulled the jersey over my head, Rakell got an assist (it was meant to be).

DAY 3 – Monday 

Monday is the day we went to San Diego, but first we had to have the essential breakfast – JuJu bar! 


We drove the coast down to SD, and stopped at Stone Brewery for a tour. 

After the brewery we had dinner at the best Pizza Place in San Diego (after my opinion) – The New Yorker, and my Norwegian family got my meet even more of my American family!

DAY 4 – Tuesday 

We stayed at the Catamaran by the bayside, so we had the bay on our side and a 5 minute walk to the beach. Tuesday morning the Norwegians walked to the beach to have breakfast and to have a look around. When we got back to the hotel we went to lay on the beach with the Americans, and then me and my dad went to work out before dinner (I was dead after). 

Sean and Kimmie picked us up in their boat to go to dinner – we made it maybe halfway before the boat ran out of gas. I swear I’m cursed when it comes to boats. Chad used a paddle to rotate us to the shore and Sean’s dad came to the rescue with gas hahah. At least we got a good story out of it! We made it to the restaurant just after dark. 

DAY 4 – Wednesday 

Wednesday we decided to sleep in and have breakfast at the hotel. We walked to the beach again and then to a fish taco place for lunch. 

The Americans drove home, but we decided to spend the day in San Diego and be tourists. Hannah (Hal’s sister) guided us across the bridge and helped us with the ferry. So whilst we were waiting for the ferry to come we had ice cream from Cold Stone (not a hit for them haha), and then we took the ferry from Coronado Island over to the city side. I showed them the Unconditional Surrender (the kiss) statue, and we just walked around Seaport Village and then to Gaslamp to have lunch. 

After a disappointing lunch we headed to the ferry and went back to Coronado. I convinced them to stay to see the sunset, so we got a coffee and sat down by the water. 

After it got dark we drove back home – and we survived!! 

DAY 5 – Thursday 

Thursday is the day we went to Hollywood. We got up early, Hal showed us the way to the train station, and we took the train and the underground in to the city. We had breakfast at a place called Juice Crafters – acai bowls again! So good.

My dad really wanted to see the Hollywood Strip, so we walked for well over an hour to get there + a lunch stop, and it was literally just a street. He was so disappointed. We took a taxi back to where we got off the subway, bought Starline tours tickets, walked to a mall where we could get a good view of the Hollywood sign, took some photos, and spent the next hour on a tourist bus. That was a long sentence. Anyways, it was super cold on the roof of the bus, so my dad had to go down and sit! When the bus dropped us off we took the subway back to downtown LA before taking the train back home. 

At this point we were starving, so I took them to my favorite restaurant – Yard House! 

Never disappoints. 

DAY 6 – Friday 

Last day 😦 we wanted a more relaxed day, so we slept in and just waited for Alanna to come over before going to my American High School – Eleanor Roosevelt, and then Victoria Gardens to do some shopping. 

They were quite impressed by basically everything at school, which is totally understandable for any non Americans! I literally had to walk around with a map my first week here. 

I almost found my prom dress this day. I didn’t buy it – but I actually ended up with the same dress in a different color in the end, so I couldn’t really let it go! We spent a couple of hours at Victoria Gardens, had lunch at Yard House, again, and called it a day (almost). After a while back at the house we went out to get some groceries for the house, and of course, we had to get them to In-n-out!! Only the most Californian thing ever. 

DAY 7 – Saturday 

Saturday is the day that they left to go back to Norway. We said goodbye, and before 9 am they were out the door. It was bittersweet, as they could have stayed another week, but I knew that I’d see them again in around two months. And I didn’t really get time to think about it as I had to do a livestream for EF an hour later haha. 

So after some gps trouble and a lot of stress, they made it to the airport and got home safe within the next day! 

Best spring break, thank you for coming to visit me!! 

❤ you guys 




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