I feel like prom is the most American thing ever, so how could I not go?

Before coming to America, I imagined prom to be something students looked forward to for years – something they spent a lot of time and money on. And that is 100% true. But I also imagined it being in the school gym, decorated by the students. That was not the case with my schools prom.. 

My school doesn’t hold back on anything, they always go all out. This year, prom was held at the Santa Anita Race Track, which is kind of an odd place to hold a prom if you ask me (but they made it work haha). I didn’t really know what to expect, but I know that I too spent a lot of time and money getting ready – so I was just hoping it would be worth it – and spoiler alert, it was! 

I found my dress one week before prom, which was kind of stressful. Other girls had found their dresses months in advance, so the selection had drastically shrunk when I went to look.. during spring break I had found a burgundy dress at a store called Windsor (which is where basically everyone gets their dresses), but I didn’t buy it cause I believed I could find something better… I struggled to say the least. When I went last weekend with a couple of friends, I could only find one dress that actually fit me, and it wasn’t even a dress, it was a two piece. I wasn’t completely sold when I first tried it on, but in desperation I figured it would just have to work. That’s the dress I ended up going with, and I’m so happy I did! I worried it looked too much like a wedding dress, but I just told myself that it was pink, not white, and that others would probably go all out so I shouldn’t really worry. 

We obviously had to get it hemmed, cause it was wayyyy to long for my short feet. And moments before going in and getting it hemmed, we went by a shoe shop an I ended up finding a new pair of shoes too! 

On the day of prom, my American sister Alanna came over and I did her makeup before doing my own hair and makeup. (Winter formal all over again) 

Around 5:30 we headed over to a park to take some pictures. 

They called the one above the “pageant pose”, I called it the “American pose”. Same same but different if you ask me! 

After our little photo shoot my American mama dropped me off at the house the limo was picking us up at. Riding to prom in style – with some incredible and gorgeous people! 

When we got to the venue, we literally had to wait in line for AN HOUR – we arrived at 8 and got in at 9.. people were sitting down and taking their shoes off, and I was pretty darn close to doing it myself. Over 1100 people came, and when you have to check every purse and ID, it takes time.. 

They had these pink and white Cinderella carriages, so of course we had to go in one! 

There was also tables outside where you could go and learn how to play poker and different card games – as well as get airbrush tattoos. Inside you had the dancefloor (should have been two), the snack tables, places you could sit down, the bar, and a room where you could take professional photos (which we also did). I actually didn’t really dance until like the last half hour, cause that’s when they started playing songs I actually knew. I was in the middle of the crowd, and Americans are crazy when they dance, you have all the different types of dancers (and the there’s me). But it was so much fun, I wish it would have lasted longer! 

I kind of forgot to take photos after getting there, but I have the before photos (and the memories). So I’ll end off with this one, which kind of makes me laugh. 

Overall prom did not disappoint, and I’m so happy that I went. It was worth every penny – so now I can say that I went to an American prom, and that’s kinda cool if you ask me. 

A night to remember, with people I’ll never forget. 


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