I have now officially completed my “collection” of big American sports, finishing off with basketball – an LA Clippers game.

I have come to the conclusion that I like sports more than I’d like to admit – and particularly hockey. Hockey has quickly come to be one of my favorite sports (thanks Alanna), and I’ve never really watched it until this year. It all started with my first Anaheim Ducks game in January, after that I was kind of hooked. Now I basically know the whole team, have a jersey (Rakell!!) and find myself sitting down and watching games by myself (which I’m actually doing as I’m writing this.) 


Within three weeks I went to a baseball game – the LA Dodgers, a basketball game – the LA Clippers, and 3(!!) hockey games – the Anaheim Ducks. The last hockey game being a playoff game – that’s crazy?!

I even got to take my dad and Helen to a game – Ducks v Rangers!! The NY Rangers have one of the only Norwegian players in the NHL – Mats Zuccarello, that’s the only reason they’re my dads favorite team haha. 

The experience was something unique, the atmosphere was insane – all you could see was orange. 


Baseball will never be a favorite, but it’s always more exciting watching a sport live. 


We had a VIP tickets and a suite at the basketball game!! That’s a crazy for a first game if you ask me. Before it started we had dinner at a restaurant across from Staples Center, I had a veggie pizza and it was amazing (I mean it’s pizza so ofc). 

So now I’ve been to all the big sports – American football (San Diego Chargers – now LA Chargers), soccer (LA Galaxy), hockey (Anaheim Ducks), baseball (LA Dodgers and Angels), and basketball (LA Clippers).

Insane, I love it. 


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