Finals week is over, school doesn’t start until January 9th, and Christmas is right around the corner (though it’s gonna be brown instead of white this year).

Yesterday was the last day of school in 2016, which is crazy, it’s gone by so fast. We have 3 weeks of winter break until we start up again, so I’m looking forward to relax and enjoy my first California Christmas! I’m also headed for Boston at the start of January to attend the student ambassador summit, which is super exiting!

Yesterday when we got out of school we drove to downtown LA to visit Hal at work and go out for dinner. It was raining, quite a lot, and my choice of shoes (toms) was not very appropriate for the weather.. I ended up having to take my shoes off in the car on the way back and tuck my feet under my legs to keep them warm.. Not complaining though, they need the rain! Anyways, Hal works for an architectural company, so the floor he works on was very modern and bright – the lobby especially, so that was cool to see.

We had dinner at a restaurant called Blue Cow, which doesn’t sound very appetizing, but the food was really good! And it was right next to Hal’s work, so we didn’t have to walk around in the rain for too long. The restaurant was quite noisy when we first arrived, everyone was trying to escape the weather, but it kind of died down after a while. I’ve only seen downtown by night, and all the lights and the skyscrapers makes it really beautiful.

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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Today, Friday, Cindy and I drove up the mountain to spend the day at Big Bear (or half the day). It’s the second time I’ve gone up, and it kind of reminds me of home, or at least it’s the closest I’ll get to it while I’m here! It was really beautiful – the clouds were draping over the mountainside.

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We drove to a ski resort, and there was actual snow! Well, man-made, but still snow! And it was really funny to see how people were dressed compared to what I was wearing, you could tell they’re not used to to cold hahah. We then drove down to the lake, and the lights from the mountainside made it look like it was on fire.

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The first place we went to eat didn’t have a table available for 45 minutes, so we went to this small Thai place instead. The place it was located looked like a Christmas village, it was really nice to drive through.

When we were about to leave, a man and two boys sat down at the table right next to us, and I saw that his jacket had an Olympic logo saying “Lillehammer ’94” on, like, what are the odds??? I was contemplating whether or not to say anything, but I was too curious to leave without asking. Turns out he had choreographed the opening ceremony for the olympics that year, and that he’d lived in Norway for 27 years! He had even been to Kirkenes and knew where it was, and how to pronounce it correctly, which was quite cool. He and his wife had lived in Hønefoss and they had traveled the whole coast, even taken a ship up to Murmansk in Russia during that time, but they moved to southern California 13 years ago. It was very interesting talking to him, so I’m glad I brought up the jacket and didn’t just leave. But the chances of him sitting right next to us up in a restaurant in Big Bear, wearing a jacket from when he had worked on the Olympics in Norway over 20 years ago??? Quite slim.

When we then started driving back down the mountain, the fog was so thick you could barely see the road, and on top of that, it started snowing!! And raining, but snowing!! I thought I wouldn’t see that while I’m here, so I’m really happy about it – but it also slowed us down quite a bit. We got home around 9:30 pm I think, and right away we started baking for tomorrow. We’re going down to San Diego for the annual LaBore gift exchange and also a football game – Chargers vs. Raiders, which will be interesting as there’s fans from both teams in the family.. Might write about that too hahah.

I’ll end with this picture of Axl.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset




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