November went by so fast, I’m not even sure what I’ve been up to – therefore I thought I’d scroll through my camera roll and give a little November picture update!

November 5

Drew an enlargement of me and my mom for my Visual Arts class.


November 11

Went for Pho in Ontario with Emilee, Alanna and Kristen, followed by ice skating ⛸ (I didn’t fall once, proud)

November 12-13

November 12 we attended another Foam Glow Run in San Diego, and November 13 we spent the day at Seaport Village before driving home.


The foam turned my hair pink..

“Unconditional Surrender” or “The Kiss”

I think the name of the cupcakery was Frost Me – it was sooo good!

November 19

Alanna invited me to Arrowbear with her mom Sharyl and sister Josette – we ate, watched movies, visited Lake Arrowhead and watched the sunset.


Sadly there was no snow..

November 22-25

Drove to Cindy’s sisters house by the Colorado River to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family!

On our “desert safari”

We also went for what I called a desert safari! Inhaled a fair share of dust, but it was still fun!

I made my grandmas cheesecake, and Susie made a vegetable turkey!

November 26

Went to my first hockey game – the Ontario Reign! Favorite sport I’ve watched so far, except soccer of course.


November 27

Now this is a tradition I’d like to adopt.. Going to the movies in pajamas! We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

(I actually had to buy pajamas for this hahah)

When we got home we made homemade pizzas on the grill with the Hawes’.



And that are most of the events that happened throughout November, except for what I talked about in my last post (that I didn’t wanna repeat)!


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