I feel like “better late than never” is gonna be the new motto for this blog. But hey, better late than never!

So Halloween was last monday, and it was NOT AT ALL like the Halloween we have in Norway! I can now confirm that the statement “Everything is bigger in America” is very much true (which probably didn’t come as a surprise to anyone).

The thing I noticed was that everything they do here, a lot of people also do for Halloween back home, but here the holiday is almost as important, or even more so for some people, as Christmas and easter. Back home it’s more of an excuse for kids to get to dress up and go collect candy – which a lot of people don’t even give out… Which also gives me flashbacks to when I was kid and would go trick or treating with my friends in biting cold weather, with woolen clothes under my costume, shoveling through the snow from door to door – we loved it! Ahhh, I miss the snow.. It was over 90 degrees fahrenheit here today, and back home winter is already settling in.

In Norway it’s not really “socially acceptable” to go trick or treating if you’re over 12 years old (unless you’re walking with your kids). Whilst here, both kids and adults go trick or treating, which I found a bit odd as that’s something I’m not used to seeing. And people go ALL OUT on their costumes! The amount of effort people put into their costumes is baffling, as it’s just one day a year, but I think that’s something people in Norway could learn from – Halloween there is kind of boring if you’re over the trick or treating age, and most adults neither dress up nor decorate.

The Saturday before halloween I went to a halloween party at my IEC, Sandi’s house with the other exchange students in the area. Her house is from the 1920’s, and halloween is her favorite holiday, so she had been decorating since the start of October and she really went all out! I personally love everything scary and creepy, so I think it looked amazing! She had even sent out invitations a couple of weeks before, including a severed, bloody finger in a bag, which was our ticket to get inside. When everyone had arrived, she had us draw numbers and drink various mysterious (disgusting) liquids in these tubes – luckily, I didn’t get the worst one, which I think was sardine juice or something hahah. We also played different games, involving “blood bags”, guessing horror movie characters, a scavenger hunt, and bloody mary, to name a few. Then we just hung out the rest of the night – I really love those people! (But I didn’t take a lot of pictures…)

Halloween was on a school day this year, but my family still hosted their annual party at their house. Hal’s favorite holiday is actually Halloween, or HALloween as they say, so he was out all night handing out candy and inviting people to take pictures in one of the coffins they had outside. Both the inside and the outside was decorated, and there was food, LOTS of candy, and even a DJ out in the yard! People were dancing on the lawn, there was a fog machine, and even two firetrucks came by, throwing candy out the windows! It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and such a fun thing to be a part of – but I was still told there wasn’t as many kids as there usually is (which school probably has the blame for, but I still think there were a lot tho, both kids and adults!).

Cindy, my host mom, comes up with a different theme every year for costumes that the people invited are supposed to follow- this year it was steam punk, but I felt like I had to stand out and represent my people back home… So I dressed up as a reindeer. 🙂

I love everything scary (which you can probably tell from my first costume), so my reindeer outfit was kind of a contradiction to what I usually dress up as – but it was still fun to represent the cute instead of the scary for once!

This Halloween is definitely not one I’m going to forget, and I got to do many fun things leading up to it during October, including Horror Nights at Universal Studios , other horror mazes + pumpkin carving! I highly recommend celebrating Halloween in America – it’s without doubt worth it!



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