I´m falling behind!! (in my mind I am at least) I have been so bad at updating these past couple of weeks – so it´s time to travel back in time.. like two weeks.

So two weekends was sooo much fun!! (and stressful hahah). Homecoming was that Friday – and even though I still don´t understand the sport, the spirit at the game was insane. I sat in the student section, second row, having this huge speaker blasting music just 5 inches from my face basically the whole time. Everyone was dancing and singing and just going crazy – the stadium was decorated in blue and orange (Mustang colors), and as it was the homecoming game; the homecoming King and Queen was announced! All the grades had made their own floats – and the themes this year was Earth (freshmen), Air (sophomore), Water (juniors) and Fire (seniors, ofc).  It seemed as like the whole school was there – and theres 4500+ students at Roosevelt! Every section was packed, and people arrived early (including us) to make sure they´d get seats. And in the end – WE WON!! (I included a lot of the clips in the video I made)

The Saturday after was quite busy (to say the least). We woke up early, started cleaning, making food and getting everything ready outside for the paint party we were having a couple hours later. BUT, we didn’t only encounter one problem in the process.. The night before, at midnight, when everyone was dead tired and ready to just pass out; the oven decided to stop working.. You see, I had prepared carrot cake cupcakes to have for the day after, with cute little Norwegian flags and everything – but nooooo. We tried using the broiler; which ended in cupcakes that was burnt on the top and raw in the middle – yum! Yeah, no. Luckily, we didn’t try the same thing on all the trays, so we actually had to ask the neighbors if we could borrow their oven the next morning to get them cooked, hahah – but I got them ready in time!!(barely). Then, just as we everyone started arriving and we had everything set up to paint outside – the wind started picking up, so we had to move everything inside again(!!). Considering we only had a couple of hours until we had to be go somewhere else, I was quite stressed out at that point.. So the whole thing was a (creative) mess (badum tsss) to be honest – but  in the end we ended up having a really good time – and all the paintings turned out so amazing and different!

So much fun – I love painting so I definitely wanna do this again (when we’re not in a hurry)!

When everyone had left and we had cleaned up, we jumped in the car and then Cindy, Alanna and I headed for Lake Elsinore and the FOAM GLOW RUN! (and I kinda fell asleep in the car on the way there). We left the house around the time we were supposed to be there, but we actually, somehow, made it in time!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Got ready in the parking lot

My EF groups IEC, Sandi, is the one who planned the run; so we met up with her and the other exchange students when we got there and then headed to the before-party!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
So much (pink) foam!

We had a blast getting ready to run; dancing, singing, and getting soaked in pink!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
Love these girls! Leah, Alva and Julia

(Right: Sandi, me and my host mom Cindy!)

Such an unforgettable experience with so many amazing people.


The Sunday after we went to an LA Galaxy game, aka soccer, aka basically the only sport I actually understand here! So now I’ve been to football (Chargers), baseball (Angels) and soccer (LA Galaxy) during the time I’ve been in America; which means I’m only missing basketball and hockey for my collection of new teams to root for to be complete! (Soccer is still my favorite though!)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Such a good day

I feel so lucky and grateful that I have the oportunity to experience all these amazing things while I’m here! Could really not have been happier with my placement.


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