I have been contemplating whether or not to join all the post I´ve waned to write into one or to split them up… And I have concluded that I´m making three separate posts, as I know I wouldn´t want to read a post on 5000+ words.. I also like to make things look as clean as possible, and I think that would be a mess.

ANYWAYS.. I went to Hollywood last Saturday with my host mom Cindy, as we had the weekend to ourselves (Hal, Troy and Chad were camping with Scouts) – and it was so cool! Hollywood is around an hour drive away, depending on the traffic (and of course we hit traffic both ways..)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We drove up to the Griffith Observatory – and the view from the top was amazing.. There’s a panoramic overview of LA + the Hollywood sign – which was so strange seeing in real life.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
The Hollywood sign from the road up to the observatory

We didn’t go inside (doing that another day, at night), but we did go on the roof!

“Don’t fall down, don’t fall down..”

I always imagined LA with tons of skyscrapers and modern architecture, so I was quite surprised when I realized Downtown LA (background) is really the only place with buildings that size! As you can see, it looks very “flat”. Still, seeing places you’ve only seen in movies is always a very cool and surreal experience!

We had lunch at the most amazing vegan place (Mexican, of course..), it had such a cozy feel to it, and I already know I wanna go back there to eat while I’m here!

The vegan bowl and ice coffee I had

Before we drove back home we stopped at a mall to have a look around – almost got lost but we did find our way in the end hahahh. Aaaand of course we hit traffic, so we had to take a different route back..

I feel like most places are way more “glamorized” in movies and on tv than what you would actually think, but I also think that’s a good thing to realize living down here! (Beverly Hills is as glamorous as it seems tho hahah)


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