This past weekend has been eventful and probably my favorite one so far. Not only did I hit my first month here, I also got to attend the most beautiful wedding and hang out with my American family (still strange to say.)

On Friday we headed down to San Diego. I had the worst throbbing head ache that would just not go away (as usual), so I tried to sleep the whole way to get rid of it; mission failed of course, so I tried to just ignore it the whole night (ugh). Before we went to our hotel we stopped at one of my host dads sisters, Heloise’s house, where we had tacos and hung out (they eat a lot of Mexican food here hahah.) I also had my first s’more! It was very sweet but also very good, kind of like I expected it to be. I was so tired because of the stressful week before, so I passed out on the couch while the rest were drafting something about football, heh. When we got to our hotel I could barely keep my eyes open, so going to bed that night was amazing, especially since I could sleep in the next day.

First s’more!

On Saturday Troy and I skipped breakfast in favor of sleep (great decision, no regrets), and I woke up to a cup of coffee next to my bed – they know me so well. I also got to catch up and facetime with one of my best friends while doing my makeup, and my host mom Cindy got to say hi to her as well!

Cute (don’t hate me for this)

We took a shuttle bus to the wedding location – it was so nice there! The “castle” was built in 1920-21 I believe.

LaBore family (and me)

The ceremony, the bride and everything was just beautiful. I just felt kind of bad about “crashing” the photos later before I had even officially met them, but they were so sweet about it and greeted me as family like the rest! The groom is one of my host dads nephews.

The dinner was also tasty – my host mom had ordered me vegetarian lasagna (thanks Cindy!!).

Hal, Cindy, Chad, me and Troy

The rest of the night everyone was dancing and having fun – and there was even a photo booth and a s’mores bar?? I also wrote a little message to the bride and groom in Norwegian next to one of the pictures we did in the photo booth.

My beautiful host mom Cindy! (we look like we could actually be related too)

After the wedding we went back to our hotel, and instead of going to sleep, some family came over to our room and ate leftovers from the day before (convenient hahah). So I can’t think of a better way to have celebrated my first month!

On Sunday we were supposed to have a day out on my host dads nieces boyfriends boat (did I even say that right??), but after like 10 minutes the boat stopped abruptly and the trip was cut short. Another boat, the coast guard, a life guard, and basically everyone on the boat had to cooperate to get the boat to shore again (we weren’t too far out yet.) So as a plan B we ordered pizza and hung out by the hot tub – still a good last day in San Diego.

The calm before the storm
Quite the workout!

The roadtrip back consisted of laughing, inaccurate pronunciations of my middle name (Wartiainen) and snapchat filters. Once back we had a bbq, played ping pong and watched one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen – Keanu (seriously, not worth it)

Chipmunks playing ping pong

Then it was time for today, the famous Labor Day, or LaBore Day as it’s called in this house. You’d think that a day free from school would be fun and relaxing – but nah. Both Troy and Chad had to be out most of the day selling popcorn for boyscouts, and I had a ton of homework to do, as always. But thanks to Alanna (shoutout, you’re the best) and her sister, I got through most of it – and we still had time to watch some Harry Potter! But seriously though, I’m still working on my history review sheet and it’s almost midnight, so that’s fun. Labor Day lives up to its name! (joking).


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