First month in the States


I have now been in America for over 1 month.. That is actually kind of crazy, time has moved so fast since I came here (probably cause I’m always doing something). I have not felt homesick yet and I can honestly say I’m having the time of my life. I’m so happy and grateful for the opportunity to do a year like this and I could not have gotten a better placement! I feel so at home here already..

The last week has been busy, both with school and free time – so I’m gonna try to do a shooort summary of what we’ve been up to.

Last saturday I went to my IEC Sandi’s house for the EF orientation meeting with all the other students in the area – this is what I made the rice cream for. All the students had to bring dishes from their home country for everyone to taste and judge – and even with all the sweat and tears (not really) I put into making everything from scratch, I still didn’t win anything.. At least I got to meet new students and plan future meet-ups!

The ricecream – 10/10

We went shopping and to a café after the orientation – had a mocha (of course).

Saunday we went to brunch at a winery called Wilson Creek with my some of my host dads family – they were all so sweet and the food was amazing!

Later we went to pick up my host dad (Hal) at LAX before going to dinner at Public School House 213 in downtown LA.

The rest of the week is kind of a blur as most of it consisted of this..

Hahahah no but really though, I did a lot of fun things as well!

Made a Norwegian cheescake for Hal’s birthday – it was a success (obviously)! 

Celebrated Hal’s birthday at his favorite restaurant.

On Wednesday we had something called “Back to School Night”; where students and parents come to school in the evening and go around to all the teachers classrooms to get a look into what the class is gonna be like. This is also the day I signed up for two clubs at the Club Rush – the Humane Club, where we raise money and volunteer at dog shelters! And Drama Club (???? I know), where I’m either gonna work on tech or with makeup/props etc.. So I’m really looking forward to being a part of that this year!

Friday we headed for San Diego for the most beautiful wedding, which I’m gonna talk more about in my next post.


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