Carrot cake, football and pizza


It’s finally friday again! I’ve finished my second week at school, and during that time I’ve had 5 quizzes, made two videos in video production, finished several assignments and done homework equivalent to what I’d do in a month back home – quite intense! I’m enjoying it so far, even though it can be a bit exhausting. Today the weather was actually cloudy and chilly, whats up with that California.. (I enjoyed it though)

As I said in my last post, Alanna and I decided to make carrot cake on tuesday (with actual carrots to their surprise – no artificial flavoring)! Before we started we decided to see the first Harry Potter movie – and she told me that she’s never seen any of them???? I have therefor made it my mission to make her watch all of them before I leave, possibly twice.


It turned out sooo good! 3/4 were gone when I got back from school the next day, so I have a feeling I’m gonna have to make it again.

Wednesday we went for pizza after school at a place called Blaze. They assemble the pizza in front of you and you can choose your own toppings, but boring as I am I just went for a margarita (cheese and red sauce) – it was so tasty though!

They were “mocking” me for eating with a knife and fork and dabbing some of the grease away 

On thursday I went to my first high school football game! Still don’t get it, but as I’ve been here for two weeks and already gone to two games I’m expecting to be a pro when I leave – the statistics are good so far.

imageThe turnout for our team (the Mustangs) might have been a bit better than the opponents.

I’m going to an orientation meeting at my IEC’s home tomorrow with all the other exchange students in the area, and we all have to bring dishes from our home countries. I chose rice cream, so today I made rice porridge from scratch! And it actually tasted like its supposed to (even without vanilla sugar), so I’m very pleased with that!




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