An introduction

I have no idea how to start this so I´m just gonna go for it – hello!

As some of you might know (if I know you), I am currently an exchange student in the wonderful land of America – more specifically in Riverside, California. Here I will walk, talk (try to at least) and breathe(?) like an american for the next 10ish months! I left Norway the 3rd of August, so I´ve been here for a couple of weeks already – first 10 days at EF´s Global Exchange Camp in Allentown, Pennsylvania before traveling to where I am now and will stay for the rest of the year.

I am traveling with EF – and I have been assigned a wonderful host family who I will be staying with while I´m here! The High School I´m attending started before I arrived, so I have already finished my first week there; 4000 students and buildings A-G was a bit confusing for someone used to one building where everyone knows everyone – especially when I had to wake up around 5 am and leave before 6:40 am every day to get there!

Still adjusting to everything, but patience is key.

I will write an update on what I´ve been doing these weeks – including a post about my experience at camp (woop!) and of course regular updates throughout the year . And for those wondering – I am going to write this blog in english so my foreign friends and family can read this as well as my norwegian friends and family (sorry guys)!


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